Last night, I had the honor of being interviewed by Aaron Gendle for his podcast. Aaron is a terrific person. I mean, the guy is an author who dedicates his time to interviewing other authors. How fantastic is that! The interview will go up in about four weeks.

In an update on other events, I’m 50k words into Cecilia Book 2: The Order of Terafellians, and hope to have it out to everyone early to mid-next year. I know, right? This process of writing and publishing is S-L-O-W! In the case of Cecilia Book 2, I guess it doesn’t help that I wrote another book (completely unrelated) in between. My agent is actively pitching this little gem to publishers, so fingers crossed everyone.

I have some FREE Audible codes for CECILIA which are valid for US & UK Audible users. Shoot me a note of through my website if you would like one