Born in Sydney, Australia, Sandra came to America to study theater and dance in Chicago. After moving to Los Angeles, she went on to study film & entertainment at UCLA. Her talents as a lyricist led her to her now husband, composer Kurt Oldman, who co-wrote and produced her CD, THYME.

Her screenplay, Life on Mars made the top 200 of the Page International Screenwriting Competition, quarterfinals of the ASA Screenwriting Competition. She wrote and directed the short animation, The Adventures of Gilbert the Goofball, which was runner-up for Best Animation at the Action on Film Festival, and her short story, Lucky Quarter, was a finalist for the Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award.

Selected to participate in the Australians in Film Writers Room, Sandra work-shopped the screenplay version of her debut YA/Fantasy novel, Cecilia, made the top fifteen percent of the Nicholl Fellowship. Cecilia the novel has gone to win multiple awards including:

  • Author Academy Awards (Winner)
  • Literary Classics Award (Gold and Silver)
  • CIBA’s Dante Rossetti Award (First Place)
  • Eric Hoffer Award (Finalist)
  • The Wishing Shelf Award (Finalist)
  • Readers Favorite (Five Stars)

Sandra presently works for a film production company reading scripts and developing projects. When she’s not imagining fantastical stories grounded by rules and reasoning, she’s usually renovating something around the house, sneaking away with her husband for a last minute ski-trip, or dealing with the unruly strays that seem to enjoy terrorizing her cat.