Worlds collide, loyalties falter, and the Prophecy meets its end in this riveting final chapter.

Where Cecilia was once the Light Guide, her new role as the Caladium—the Poison Flower—is far more dangerous. While she possesses the power to kill the Dark Goddess, Eifa, she will likely die in the process.

With the final battle imminent, Vitus must find a way to protect themselves from Eifa’s beastly Army. Based on technology discovered, Saffron and Rabbie race to build a new weapon capable of annihilating indestructible warriors.

Across the ocean, Cecilia and Amalardh follow clues to the Forbidden Pool in search of answers. The clock is ticking. With every soul Eifa consumes, her powers grow. If Cecilia doesn’t make it back to Vitus to fulfill her destiny, the city will fall…. and darkness will consume the world.

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