Several of my readers have asked if I’m planning a Cecilia Part 2. My answer is: yes. I deliberately left the ending somewhat open-ended in order to have a jumping off point for Cecilia: Eifa’s Revenge. Before I can get to this story though, I do have another story that’s aching to be told, and as any would-be writer knows, it’s not easy to say ‘no’ to a story that’s started its way down the birth canal.

When I was back in Sydney, Australia last Dec. for my book signing, I met up with some old school friends. One friend told me about an incident she experienced that rang very close to home. On the plane ride back to LA, I couldn’t stop thinking about a story, which has been brewing in my mind for close to 10 years. The time to tell this story is now. I’m about halfway through the first draft and hope to be finished in time to start Cecilia: Eifa’s Revenge by mid-2018.

My new story is a YA/Coming of Age. I look forward to sharing this new book soon.