From award-winning author Sandra L Rostirolla comes the second installment of The Cecilia Series.


In the wake of her victory over the evil goddess Eifa and the Senators of Vitus, Cecilia is ready to focus on rebuilding, but where there should be peace and light, she finds uncertainty and dread. The Prophecy is incomplete. With dark forces growing in the south, the war to rid the world of evil has only just begun.

Cecilia and Amalardh are forced onto separate journeys. While Amalardh travels to faraway lands in search of answers, Cecilia must discern who to trust and how to keep the world safe from a threat beyond anything she has faced before.

The Cecilia Series is an epic love story between a headstrong young woman who refuses to accept the status quo of her fractured world and an emotionally bankrupt assassin struggling to find his humanity.

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