Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Vitus, the last surviving city, maintains dominance by exterminating surrounding villages and enslaving the young men. Because of Vitus’s oppression, the Goddess of Light is dying. The last bastion of goodness keeping her alive is the village of Plockton, nestled deep within the Plockton Forest. When this village falls victim to a raid, the Goddess pours her remaining light into the lone survivor, eighteen-year-old Cecilia.

Unaware of the precious light that she is carrying inside, Cecilia makes the bold decision to rescue her brothers. What starts out as a desire to save loved ones, becomes an epic quest, thrusting Cecilia front and center in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Dark, dangerous and romantic, Cecilia is the story of a willful forest-dweller and her heroic journey to save the dying Goddess of Light.

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