In a continuation from Book 2, Cecilia awakes and remembers nothing. Not her brother, not her past, and certainly not her role to lead her army in the Final Battle to destroy Eifa. A mysterious man, Malek, guides Cecilia to a temple in the hope to find answers. Cecilia learns she is The Caladium—the Poison Flower—who possesses the power to kill Eifa. The problem is, Cecilia will likely die in the process.

While at the temple, Cecilia reunites with Amalardh. Her memories return except those involving him. Deep down she doesn’t want to remember the lies and betrayal that tore their once impenetrable bond apart. Clues from Amalardh’s journey lead the mission further east where the weapon to fight Eifa’s vast Wirador Wosrah Army is revealed.

Emotionally scared, Cecilia must put her feelings for Amalardh aside. Her greater purpose is to save the world. The luxury of love is no longer hers to have. Or, is it? How much of Cecilia’s and Amalardh’s battered existence is chance, and how much is a result of the Goddess of Light’s manipulation?

In the world of Gods, Siersha is young. She made a mistake long ago by dipping into the Forbidden Pool and releasing her Dark Shadow. In the centuries since, Siersha has fought hard to right wrong. Her two precisions chest pieces, Cecilia and Amalardh are the center of her game. Unexpectedly, their enduring love expose Eifa’s weakness and the Goddess of Light’s ultimate status as a God.



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