…The Best Ones Need Time to Brew

When writing CECILIA, sometimes a story block would stop my writing for days at a time. One school of thought says I should plow through no matter what. To a certain extent, I agree. Other times though, it’s good to let the fingers rest. Sometimes, all the story needs is time to brew a little longer.

Writing in the head is just as productive as writing with the fingers. The challenge is to balance procrastination vs productivity. I’m not sure if there is a secret to determining the difference, other than being honest with yourself.

If you keep revising the same scene over and over, or get lost in the story elements you’ve already written, chances are you’re procrastinating.

If you’re truly taking puzzle pieces and spinning them on their head until something fits, keep working at it. Sometimes the best story elements are born when a writer perseveres with the laborious process of figuring the answer to a riddle.

Happy writing!