"Cecilia is such a lovable character."

"I read it in one night because I couldn't stop. I loved the language and the descriptions were so succinct."

"The storyline was incredibly positive, beautifully written, not too dark yet fast paced."

Literary Classics Gold Award – Best YA/Adventure
Literary Classics Silver Award – Best YA/Fantasy
Eric Hoffer Award Finalist – Young Adult
The Wishing Shelf Awards Finalist – Books for Teenagers
Author Academy Awards Top 10 Finalist - YA & MG
Readers' Favorite - Five Stars Seal of Approval


When the corrupt Senators of Vitus send soldiers to destroy the village of Plockton and enslave the young men, eighteen-year-old Cecilia, the lone survivor, makes the bold decision to rescue her brothers. Armed with little more than her wit and her great ancestor’s Freedom Tree pendant, she sets off along the trail left by the soldiers only to be confronted by the assassin Amalardh, a servant of Vitus sent to kill the bearer of a symbol—the same symbol around her neck. Unable to follow through with his order, Amalardh takes Cecilia prisoner. Pieces of an ancient prophecy are falling into place. Cecilia’s pendant has found its way home. Its true owner—Amalardh. Descendant from a forgotten order, Amalardh is the Last Croilar Tier, protector of the Treoir Solas—Cecilia; only, neither of them know this yet. Finding her brothers is the least of Cecilia’s problems.

The Goddess of Light is dying. As the Goddess’s conduit on earth, if Cecilia cannot find a way to defeat the Army of Vitus and end the Senators’ dark rule the Goddess will die, and with her death comes the end for all.

At its core, CECILIA is an epic love story between a headstrong young woman who refuses to accept the status quo of her fractured world and an emotionally bankrupt assassin struggling to find his humanity.

Sandra is currently working on Cecilia book two and three.