Sandra L. Rostirolla

Sandra grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia in a small town call Dural, which means 'burning log' in Aboriginal. In her childhood years, with little else to entertain, Sandra relied on her imagination to escape on magical adventures with her four older siblings. The tree connecting the back porch to the ground was a time-warp tunnel, the enormous army-green water tank across the street was an alien egg, and the wisteria vine in the backyard was a curtain into another universe.

Graduating from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science, Sandra moved to the United States where she began studying acting at Center Theater and dance with Joel Hall Studios. After recording her CD, Sandra realized that her passion was writing and began supplementing her new career with creative writing classes at UCLA.

Placing in the quarterfinals in several screenplay competitions, Sandra has written for Life in LA and Australians in Film's Boomerang Magazine. She is a finalist for the Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award and a placed as runner up for AOF's best animation.

When she's not imagining fantastical stories grounded by rules and reasoning, Sandra's usually renovating something around the house, sneaking away with her husband for a last minute ski trip, or dealing with the unruly strays that seem to enjoy terrorizing her three cats.